How to pick the right size

 Finding the right shoe size can sometimes be difficult. 

But measuring your foot correctly can make a big difference in finding the right size.
This is especially important when shopping online and not having the opportunity to try the shoes on first




▫Place a piece of paper on the floor, against a wall (large enough for your foot to fit on it) 
    ▫Put your heel against the wall and put weight on the foot.
      ▫Draw a line at the tip of the longest toe
        ▫Measure both feet, as they are often not the same, and use the larger measurement when selecting shoe size
          ▫We recommend measuring your feet in the evening, as feet can swell slightly during the day


             It's also important to give your toes some wiggle room, so feel free to add half to a full centimeter to your foot length when choosing closed shoes and boots

            Foot length:

            Shoe size Foot length in cm
            35 22.02
            36 22.65
            37 23.30
            38 23.94
            39 24.24
            40 25,17
            41 25,76
            42 26,37