❝At Copenhagenshoes, delicious, well-designed and comfortable shoes are our passion, and that love flows through everything we do, and we want to share that passion and love with you.❞

— Britta from Copenhagenshoes

Long boots

Heels from 6-11 cm

Selected styles in exclusive materials

❝All styles that have our "We Care" logo are sewn in leather that is exclusively processed using sustainable methods.❞

— Copenhagenshoes

Our common future

At Copenhagenshoes, we work hard and focused on creating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly production, and we always focus on designing and producing in a responsible and ethical way. In this way, we can give you a transparent and informed choice as a consumer, so you feel safe when choosing a pair of shoes from our “We Care” line.

We are proud of that approach, and we are proud of our Scandinavian heritage and values. We call it "We Care" - but basically, it's about: decency, honesty, and respect. With that, we try to make a difference - and we can all make a difference. Both you as a consumer and us as a producer. The choices we make now, together are important. Together we can do our part to choose green solutions and better alternatives - and together help to give our common world a better future.

That we make these choices now, it means a lot to us, and therefore we are working hard to support the above. Among other things by creating greater transparency and openness with our "We Care" policy.

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❝ Designing and creating beautiful shoes requires honesty, respect, and passion - not only for the products, but especially for our customers, partners and the environment.❞

—  Copenhagenshoes