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We can never have enough! Boots are an absolute must-have in the wardrobe - and in our opinion, one pair is not enough. Because there are so many different kinds. There are both long and short ones, with or without laces, those that go to the ankle and to the knee - and many more.

And boots are a type of women's shoes that you can use all year round. Because they go well with both dresses and pants - and when it gets cold, it's time for the winter boots with lining.

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When investing in a new pair of women's boots, there are several factors to consider before deciding on the perfect match for you.

Buy boots with a good conscience – buy boots that you will want to wear for a long time to come. You can ensure this by asking yourself some simple questions before making the purchase.

How high should your boots be? How long a shaft do you prefer? Should they fit snugly around your calf, or would you like a little more room? What material and color do you prefer?

These are all questions you should consider before investing in a new pair of stylish women's boots. We live in a world where we all have a responsibility to think sustainably, and we can do that, among other things, by buying products we know we will use for many years to come - and where quality and comfort are just as important as design and style.

What type of boots is your favorite?

Boots are not just boots. In our assortment, they come in many different styles, colors, and shapes, each with its unique features. To make it easy for you to find exactly the type you're looking for, we've categorized our styles into these types:

Click on the category or categories that best match what you're looking for, and shop your favorite pairs among our many delicious styles.

Chunky boots from Copenhagenshoes are very popular.

In recent years, chunky boots have become more and more common in the streets and on the shelves - and we love it! Just as the word chunky describes, these models are designed with more solid, heavy, and voluminous soles than the classic styles. While women's boots are often associated with elegance, thin soles, and feminine cuts, chunky boots are more like the heavy-duty leather boots that are perhaps more associated with the military than with fashion. The result is a boot that can really dominate your outfit and add a bit more edge and personality to your look, whether you use them casually for everyday wear or as a statement piece for a festive occasion.

Boots with platform and platform soles - what's the difference?

Are you also unsure of the difference between chunky, platform, and plateau? We understand the confusion - so let's take a look at it together.

Both platform, plateau, and chunky refer to the sole of your shoes. All words are themselves a term for a thick sole that adds between 3 and 10 centimeters to your height. But even though the words are closely related, chunky and platform are typically used for flat models, while plateau is more often used for styles with high heels.

If you take a high-heeled boot, it can be designed with a plateau that sits on the front part of the shoe. This "construction" means that not only your heel but your entire foot is lifted up.

The advantage of the plateau is that you get a more even weight distribution, so your feet are better supported, and the heels are easier to walk in.

Be up to date with the latest fashion for women

As you may have noticed, there is one particular type of boot that has had a renaissance in the fashion industry this fall: the knee-high boots. And we are thrilled about it!

Even though they are naturally different from the ankle-length models, there is still something wildly classic and traditional about the knee-high styles. So, if you have the courage to try something new this year, they are definitely the ones we would recommend you to go for.

Style them with a warm and cozy knit dress for days at the office, or wear them over a pair of leggings with a soft, oversized sweater for a more casual autumn look.

Boots in beautiful colors and luxurious quality materials

We've said it before and we'll say it again: we love it when our footwear comes in bright and colorful options. While we can't get enough of black boots, styles in khaki, white, or orange just have that special something.

The same goes for suede boots in beige or brown. The soft suede material provides a completely different character that contrasts with the classic high-polished leather styles, while the light colors in general add a nice twist to the dark outfits of autumn.

Does that sound like something you'd be interested in? Then we can recommend taking a look at the collection we've created in collaboration with Josefine Valentin. Here, we've played around with materials, shapes, and colors on everything from boots to sneakers and stilettos - all in Josefine's signature style.

We care: Environmentally friendly and sustainable leather women's boots

At Copenhagenshoes, we are very aware that the choices we make can have an impact on the world around us. We take our role as manufacturers seriously and are constantly looking for new ways to reduce the footprint we leave on the environment.

That's why we've designed a range of shoes that bear our We Care logo. The logo should be seen as both your and our guarantee that the leather used in the production process has been processed and treated using sustainable methods.

In addition, the logo is also proof that the leather used meets the environmental standards set by the recognized Leather Working Group (LWG).

So help us take care of the world, and shop for the We Care logo.

As an alternative, you can also explore our site and use our filter function to sort by the colors you like best.

How to style your boots: simple tips to avoid a fashion crisis

The great thing about boots is that they can be used to create different looks depending on what you style them with. One of our favorites is to pair them with black or patterned nylon stockings and a beautiful dress. Especially chunky boots with prominent soles can add a little extra edge if you want a more edgy look.

You can also choose to wear boots with laces or heels for a more classic and chic look when you combine them with a nice dress or a short pencil skirt.

If you're not into dresses and skirts, boots are always cool with leggings or jeans. Especially brown leather or suede styles go well with light or blue denim, while chelsea boots or ankle boots go well with ankle-length trousers.

In other words, there are plenty of opportunities to use your boots for different outfits and different occasions.

Can you wear boots to a party? Definitely!

With so many ways to style your outfit with different boots, it certainly means you can wear them for festive occasions - even if you choose a pair of flat boots without heels.

And to be honest, it's just a little easier and more comfortable to dance and have fun on the dance floor in flat shoes than in towering pumps or heeled boots.

Having said that, it is always a matter of personal preference, and of course, it also depends on what the dress code of the event is. So choose your favorites based on what you feel is the right choice for you.

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