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Winter is here and that means it's time to shop for good winter boots that can keep your feet warm throughout the season. In this regard, we have brought in a lot of new and stylish winter styles that you can order directly from our webshop.

We have taken care to offer winter boots both with and without fur, so you can choose freely among the models that best suit your winter wishes. Choose your favorites among the many beautiful pairs and embrace the winter with your new, stylish winter boots.

Warm boots with lining: Say goodbye to cold feet this winter

Lined boots are a must-have for most people during the winter. When the cold, frost, and snow arrive, it can quickly become a chilly experience to venture outside. You may know the feeling that once your feet are cold, the rest of your body feels cold too.

That's why it's important to wrap them up in both socks and warm boots so you can enjoy walking around the cozy streets and Christmas markets where the Christmas lights and the smell of roasted almonds really set the winter joy in motion.

If you're not a fan of lined winter boots, you can, of course, also buy regular boots without lining and instead use a pair of wool socks if you need extra padding. However, it can be an advantage to choose a size larger so there's also room for the warm socks.

What's best: short or tall winter boots?

What is best for you is difficult for us to answer. Short and long winter boots each have their advantages, and it is clearly a matter of personal preference.

In general, it is good to choose winter boots where the shaft covers at least the ankle, as this helps keep the warmth in by avoiding the cold wind going through your pants and hitting the thin skin.

Likewise, long-shafted winter boots have the advantage of fitting closely to the shin, keeping the warmth inside and the snow outside. It is, after all, a risk, once the snow has fallen heavily, that you get snow in your shoes if the shaft is shorter than the snow depth.

That being said, not everyone likes their winter boots to fit tightly around their legs. So feel for what you need and shop for it.

Prepare your winter boots for snow and slush

No matter whether you choose short or long winter boots, you risk getting wet feet if they are not properly cared for from the start. We always recommend that you waterproof your winter boots so they can withstand water from snow and slush.

Always make sure that the waterproofing you use is also suitable for the material your boots are made of. There is a difference between leather and suede, and if you want to achieve the best result, you should choose care products based on the fabric they are made of.

When you have waterproofed your boots, we also recommend that you wait at least 24 hours before using them again. This way, you are sure that the waterproofing has dried and achieved its full effect.

Choose warm boots in the right size

Are you unsure about which size to choose for your new boots? Don't worry - we do everything we can to help you.

First and foremost, we have noted on each product whether the model is normal, large or small in both size and fit. That way, you can easily see if we recommend going up or down a size, or if you should just choose the one you normally use.

You also have the option of using our online size guide. Here, we give good advice on how to assess which size is right for you.

When shopping for winter shoes, always keep in mind that you will be using them when it's coldest outside. Although most people can easily keep warm in a pair of lined boots, some prefer to have room for an extra thick sock.

So think about your own needs beforehand, so that you spend your money on a model that can meet your needs for both mobility and warm wool socks.

Protect the environment with sustainable leather winter boots

Although the Danish winter can feel cold and long, it is also a time of year when we experience the magic of nature. Frost and snow are impressive phenomena that remind us of how beautiful the world we live in can be.

That is why it is especially important to take care of what we have during this time. We must protect the environment, and as producers in the fashion industry, we are especially aware of the impact we can leave.

Perhaps you have already noticed that several of our winter boots bear our We Care logo? The logo means that the materials used for the style that bears it are produced using sustainable methods.

This is your guarantee that you are making an environmentally friendly choice when shopping with us, as well as proof that we are taking responsibility for our common future. So, if you want to show that you care too, shop for winter boots with this logo.

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