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Smart and stylish slippers for women from Copenhagenshoes

We love them all. The soft, warm, and cozy slippers. At Copenhagenshoes, we call them loungewear - because our slippers are perfect for those days and evenings at home where you swap formal clothes for something soft and comfortable.

Even though we're big fans of combining our everyday outfits with gorgeous leather boots or cool sneakers, there's nothing like taking off your shoes and putting on slippers after a long day of running errands.

And just because slippers are something we associate with comfort at home, it doesn't mean they can't be stylish and chic - quite the opposite.

As you can see on our website, we've designed a range of slippers in various styles and delicate colors that all invite warmth and luxury. So treat yourself and your feet, and shop your favorites today with free shipping.

Shop slippers in the most beautiful colors and materials

On this page, you will find our entire selection of cozy slippers, all designed with relaxation in mind. As you can see, we have toned down the colors and instead focused on calm earth tones and delicate hues that invite tranquility and peace.

For example, you can find several models in the popular stone colors, known for their warmth and relaxing effect. These colors, combined with the soft and warm materials, allow you to feel a sense of well-being from the moment you slip your feet into your new slippers.

If you order before 2 pm on a weekday, we will pack your order and send it off, so you can enjoy a quiet moment at home with your feet well wrapped up already tomorrow.

Soft slippers and warm home shoes are a must-have for winter

As summer fades away and winter sets in, it's time to order both winter boots and home shoes. As the temperatures gradually drop, your body and feet will need to be wrapped up extra well.

Like all other shoes for women, home shoes also come in different shapes and styles. You can buy fluffy slippers with an open or closed toe, and you can also choose from the models that most resemble a soft version of the classic loafers with a closed toe and heel.

However, which type you should choose depends on your needs for warmth, air, and freedom of movement. Styles with an open toe and heel naturally provide more space and air but less warmth to your feet, while the closed models keep the entire foot warm as the shoes fit more tightly.

So feel what you need and choose from our delicious must-haves for winter.

Women's slippers can be used all year round

It's not just in the cold autumn and winter months that you may need a pair of warm slippers. In some homes, it's always cold on the floor, no matter what time of year it is. For others, cold feet are just something they always suffer from regardless of the season.

In addition, a pair of slippers with a sturdy rubber sole can also be practical when sitting on the terrace at home in the late summer hours or if you quickly need to take out the trash in the evening. In these situations, it can be nice to have something you can easily slip your feet into to keep them warm.

That being said, slippers are just wonderfully soft to shuffle around in - and that's reason enough to order several lovely pairs from Copenhagenshoes.

Are your feet always cold? Remember that warmth starts in the feet

If you're someone who often has cold feet, you probably know the feeling that when your feet are cold, the rest of your body feels cold too. Exercise naturally improves your blood circulation and movement usually helps to warm up your body and toes.

But what about those days when you just want to lounge on the couch and do as little as possible? One solution is to take a nice warm bath before putting on your cozy clothes. Alternatively, you can pamper yourself with a foot bath filled with your favorite oils.

The great thing about a foot bath is that it can really warm up your feet, make them silky soft and ready to slip into your slippers. While your feet are enjoying the warm water, you can sip a cup of tea or hot cocoa while browsing through our tempting collections here on the website.

Check out our irresistible soft plush slippers and slippers that not only provide extra warmth when your feet are cold, but also offer a luxurious material that's everywhere in fashion right now – on clothing, shoes, bags, and much more. That's why we have stylish plush slippers that are easy to slip on when you want to look smart and feel comfortable and cozy on your feet.

Take a look at our selection of slippers and find your personal favorites. We have many different models to choose from.

Who knows? You might even find more women's shoes that your feet can't live without.

Always free shipping

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We look forward to packing your new home slippers for you.

Happy shopping ♥


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